Personalised Heart Shape Mobile Pop Up Holder

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  • Double Pop-Out Collapsible Mobile pop up holder
  • Perfect size (1.5-inch-diameter canvas) custom pop holder
  • High quality long lasting prints
  • Reusable strong adhesive
  • Great tool for texting, watching videos or simply holding phone securely
  • Customisable


  • This mobile pop up holder is an ideal gift for your siblings, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend to greet them for any occasion or wish them luck.
  • Gift these customised pop sockets to your spouse to wish them a happy anniversary

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This mobile pop up holder has a double pop-out design making it an excellent tool for texting, chatting, watching videos. Our mobile pop up holder can be used while travelling to give you a perfect grip to hold your phone securely.

The mobile pop up holder can be customised as per your requirement. The custom pop holder comes with a trendy design or photos. The custom pop holder is a perfect gift for every occasion. 

Also, with our customised pop sockets, you can stop worrying about your phone falling flat on your face while binge-watching your favourite shows late at night.

Reusable adhesive: The mobile pop up holder can be attached to most devices and cases with advanced reusable 3M adhesive. The glue on the mobile pop up holder sticks to your phone to provide a perfect grip. Our mobile pop up holder will not leave any mark on your devices when removed.

Collapsible form: Pull out the customised pop socket to form a stand for your phone. It is made of impact-resistant material, bolstered for further strength. You can collapse it to slide it into your bag or pocket easily.

Perfect size: The mobile pop up holder has a 1.5-inch-diameter. The compact size of the customised pop up holder fits in your pocket, and it is compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and other devices.

Long-lasting prints: The prints on our mobile pop up holders are inked with high-definition inks and equipment which will last for a lifetime.

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Review Overview
Perfect size
Double Pop-Out Collapsible Mobile pop up holder
Reusable Strong Adhesive
Great Tool for Texting

Worth buying this heart shaped mobile pop up holder.


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