8 Opening Decorative “Home” Wall Hanging

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  • Holds eight, 4 x 6″ images, 4 vertical, 4 horizontal
  • Easy to hang, hooks on back
  • Simple to load, removable back panels

Product Details

  • Frame Type: Collage
  • Picture Capacity: 7+
  • Frame Material: Glass; Wood
  • Theme: Standard
  • Mount Type: Hanging


  • Your Husband or Wife to wish them a happy anniversary.
  • Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend to wish them all the best.
  • Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding,

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then the meaning of this frame is abundantly clear! Eight framed images (four portrait four landscapes) surround the word “Home” in block letters. This vertical frame is a striking statement piece for the front hall or living room and makes a great housewarming or wedding gift for friends and family. Keep your memories of the places you love close to you with this charming heart – warming frame.

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