Personalized Music Keychain

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  • Material : 3MM High quality Imported acrylic.
  • Print Quality : We use the best UV printing technology. It’s the most advanced printing technology that allows achieving maximum color saturation and durability.
  • We add a Spotify scannable barcode to your plaque which you can scan it to play song on your Spotify app by default. 
  • We will dispatch it within 2 to 3 working days  and delivery will be done within 4 to 10  working days depending on location.


  • Your Husband or Wife to Surprise them with Cute Frame.
  • Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend to wish them all the best.
  • Your Best Friend.

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Customize a unique gift for your lover -memory gift

Customized gifts seem to fit the meaning of gifts best, because customization is a process that requires careful attention, and gifts are unique and exclusive to that person. If there is a gift that is designed and made by yourself, it will be different if you hit some memories in common with each other. This not only reflects the heart of the giver.

This customized gift can not only upload your photos, but also print your favorite songs and authors on it. If you have someone you admire for a long time, you might as well give this gift to him. This song represents what I want What I said to you.


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