Magic Trio Peeler Multi-Functional Vegetable Peeler


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  • With the trio handle, you can easily to peel with safety. The handle is comfortable, even during repetitive strokes.
  • Our fruit and vegetable peelers are made to last and accompany you through numerous meal preparations without losing its sharp edge.
  • The Round shape handle provides comfort and ease of use for both left and right handed people.

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Magic Trio Peeler Multi-Functional Vegetable Peeler

  • With these set of 3 magic trio peelers, you can easily peel anything in seconds.
  • Simply peel the skin of any fruit or vegetable for a more enjoyable dish with ease.
  • Made of high quality ABS hand.
  • Three kinds of stainless-steel peelers.1. Standard peeler: useful for peeling hard skin veggies and fruit; 2. Professional Peeler: better for peeling waxy and slippery fruit; 3. julienne peeler: help creates julienne strips of food for salads or garnishes.
  • This is a great set of high-quality razor-sharp peelers that smoothly peel a variety of fruits and vegetables. Set includes standard, julienne and professional double edge peelers.

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